Weight Lifting Exercises for Optimal Health and Fitness

When it comes to working out some people need a little advice while others need a lot of advice. Some need professional advice along with continued guidance. Whatever you are looking for we at Total Body Fitness have your answer. There are literally hundreds of different weight lifting exercises one can do for every major muscle group in the body. Of course doing all the weight lifting exercises in one routine is not feasible, you still must know which ones to do for a particular routine. Which exercises become a part of your training will depend on many factors.

  • Your primary goals
  • Overall physical condition
  • Exercise experience
  • Age
  • Weight
  • Medical ailments

The above factors are just a start. Take a look at the image below to better understand all the muscles in the body.

weight lifting exercises

In order to achieve maximum results you must know the exact weight lifting exercises to do for your particular body-type otherwise you may be very disappointed on the outcome of your weight training program. Why guess? Let Total Body Fitness help you.

Below is a small list of some of the different weight lifting exercises one can include in their weight training program. Keep in mind that you must train both the muscles that are responsible for both flexion and extension otherwise you are setting yourself up for trouble. For example, if you train your biceps you must also train your triceps otherwise you may end up with severe muscle cramping if one muscle gets stronger than the other. This is another reason why a professionally designed program that includes all the proper weight lifting exercises tailored to fit you is so important. Why guess when it comes to your health.

Shoulders Chest Biceps
Alternate Front Raises Flat Bench Press
DB or Barbell
Bicep curls
BB or DB
Alternate Shoulder Presses Cable Flyes Cable bicep curls
Arnold Presses Flyes DB
Flat, Incline, Decline
Preacher curls
Cable Bent Over Laterals Incline Bench Press
DB or Barbell
Reverse curls
Front Raises Decline Bench Press
DB or Barbell
Hammer curls
One Arm Cable Side Laterals Pec-Deck Machine curls
Seated Bent Over Laterals Pushups Incline curls
Seated Shoulder Presses   Seated curls
Seated Shoulder Presses   Concentration curls
Shoulder Press Machine.    
Side Lateral Machine    
Smith machine Shoulder Presses    
Reverse Flyes    

Triceps Lats/Back Forearms
Tricep pushdowns Lat pulldowns Wrist curls
DB Kickbacks One-arm rows Reverse wrist curls
Lying Overhead Extensions Machine rows Preacher bench reverse curls
French curls Chin-ups  
Tricep rope pushdowns Close grip pulldowns  
One-arm pushdowns Pullovers  
Reverse pushdowns Bent-over rows  

Quadriceps Hamstrings Gluteus Maximus
Squats Lying leg curls Front squats
Front squats Seated leg curls Hack squats
Lunges Standing leg curls Lunges
One-legged extensions Stiff-legged deadlifts Rear cable kicks
Sissy squats lunges Sissy squats
Outward cable kicks   Smith machine squats
Smith machine squats    
Leg extensions    
Leg press    
Hack squat    

Abdominals/Obliques Calves  
Alternate knee raises Seated calf raises  
Crunches Standing calf raises  
Reverse crunches Smith machine calf raises  
Machine crunches Leg press calf raises  
Seated leg raises    
Lying leg raises    
Side bends    
Seated twists    
Roman chair crunches    

The list above is just some of the weight lifting exercises that one can include in a weight training program. The idea behind a good weight training program is to do the proper exercises, use the proper amount of weight, and do the proper number of repetitions so that your goals are easily accomplished. There are so many factors to consider depending on your primary goals. Exercise frequency is very important. Train too little and you won't see good results. Train too frequently and you will feel drained, sore, and eventually burn out.