Spiritual Healing and Prayer for the Physical Body

There are many things in life that may cause a variety of different illnesses. Some are congenital defects, genetics, while a lot are self induced by alcohol abuse, drugs, so-called bad foods, environment, and the list goes on. The first thing someone normally does when they get sick or if they are diagnosed with a long term medical ailment is to seek out a physician to try and get the proper treatment. I have nothing against physicians, but a lot of medical ailments can be treated through natural means by way of eating a proper diet, proper exercise, supplementation, and prayer.

Through my experience I have come to realize that a lot of medical ailments are caused by some form of hidden anger, unforgiveness, and/or lack of love for yourself and/or people as a whole. Having any type of negativity in your spirit can wreak havoc on your physical body. I am not saying you have to become all religious - what I'm saying is if you want your physical body to be 100% healthy, you should first look at your inner self. Examine your thoughts and feelings toward other people. Do you have love in your heart? Do you love one, yet hate another? Do you get offended easily and hold grudges? As humans I think we all fall short on a daily basis and in no way are we ever going to be perfect in this life. However, we can try and do the best we can to eliminate any negative things that may surround our lives and do more to love on a daily basis.

As a health and fitness expert, I have helped thousands of people over the last 25 years. The very first thing I do when designing a program for a client is pray and ask God to guide me so I may do all the necessary things that it will take to help make that person well. I also pray for that person and ask God to heal anything that my skills can't fix. God is our creator and I believe He can fix anything if we simply ask. Prayer! I know this may sound strange to some, but I have witnessed first hand the miracles that God has done in my life and in the lives of people I have helped on a personal basis including friends and family.


Johnnie D. Jackow Sr. - Total Body Fitness
Author/Fitness Expert