Spiritual Healing and Prayer for the Physical Body

There are many things in life that may cause a variety of different illnesses. Some are congenital defects, genetics, while a lot are self induced by alcohol abuse, drugs, so-called bad foods, environment, and the list goes on. The first thing someone normally does when they get sick or if they are diagnosed with a long term medical ailment is to seek out a physician to try and get the proper treatment. Physicians in fact play a major role in caring for someone who is ill and in some cases the highly skilled physician needs to be called upon as I have worked with many physicians in the past to help patients recover from illness. However, a lot of physicians are not willing to work with a wellness expert and they seem to overlook how amazing and capable the human body is of healing itself when given the proper tools and natural treatment and in some cases combined with medicine. I believe MOST if not ALL medical ailments can be treated through natural means by way of eating a proper diet, proper exercise, supplementation, and prayer. The human body is a magnificent creation and we should all keep that in mind when treating any medical ailment whether it be by natural means or with medicine.