Improve Your Health Regardless of Age

There are literally many different diets one can follow. However, which ones are considered to be healthy diets? The idea is to eat a variety of different foods from many food sources in order to get an adequate amount of solid nutrition. Healthy diets will contain foods from all food groups, and most of the foods you eat will come from fresh fruits and vegetables. The less you eat of cooked foods the healthier the diet will be.

Avoid eating deserts with protein rich foods. Your stomach releases different digestive enzymes for each, so make it easier on your body and keep them separated. Generally, no desert is really healthy. Try to eat fruits and nuts instead.
Avoid drinking more than 16 ounces of any liquid while eating so you do not dilute digestive enzymes. Drinking is okay in some cases if you don't have a problem with digesting your meals or if you take digestive enzymes. A study was done on this in a hospital setting a few years back and they determined that drinking up to 10 ounces with a meal made no significant change in PH levels in your stomach. The main thing is to go by how you feel. Try it both ways to see if there is a difference in how you feel.
Eat as often as you like but make sure you stop eating when you are just satisfied (not overly full)! At least 3-5 times per day works well for most people. Each meal can be replaced with fresh vegetable or fruit juice with no added sugars. If you use a juicer that would be good. If you use a Nutribullet or Ninja that would be even better since the foods you juice will retain its fiber content. Frequency may depend on your age, lifestyle, climate, and season. Only problem with juicing 100% of your calories is it's very difficult and expensive to meet your daily caloric needs. However, once or twice per day will do your body good!
Percentage of raw foods should be included in all healthy diets and can vary from person to person, and depend of climate, season, part of the day, physical activity, sex, race, blood type, age, condition, health, intestinal health, geography. In any case at least 1/2 of the food you eat should be raw! Vegetables, fish, fruits, seeds, nuts, sprouts, eggs, raw milk, yogurt, fresh juice from vegetables or fruits. Avoid fresh meat because of parasites. Always cook or bake meat completely! Certain fish may also infect you with parasites so use extreme caution especially if you eat raw fish like sushi.
If you are consuming fermented soy products (miso, tamari, shoyu,...), avoid drinking milk/eating milk products. If you are drinking milk/eating milk products, avoid fermented soy products, they are not compatible inside the body!

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