Disease to perfect health

Learn how to treat your illness or disease using an all natural approach and regain your health and vitality. There are countless illnesses, diseases, and various medical ailments that can plaque the human body and as years go by it seems there are more now than ever before. Because of the overuse of antibiotics these bad organisms appear to be getting smarter and smarter and becoming resistant to a number of treatments. This is why it’s so important to not take an antibiotic unless it’s absolutely necessary. Not only does the antibiotic wipe out the bad bacteria that’s causing you distress, it’s also wiping out the good bacteria that’s supposed to be there to keep you healthy by fighting off the bad bacteria.

Sound confusing? Let’s just say that every time a person takes an antibiotic it’s like setting off an atomic bomb in their body. To keep your immune system strong to help fight off disease and all the medical ailments that plaque our society today, we should eat fresh greens and colored vegetables and refrain from eating any foods that are processed or high in sugars. That means sweet n low, diet sodas, and everything else that man has made. Eat foods that are natural and come from the earth. Eat foods that are alive and they will contribute to good health. Eat foods that are dead and they will contribute to disease and a host of other illnesses.