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  1. Thanks for taking the time to share all of this! Lots of details and specifics you generously give. There are several things I would like to ask, or eventually come to know the answer to. (Grateful for answers, guidance, etc. .. even if on just a few of these ideas.) However you feel inspired to respond. 1) Hot Bath, using waterproof ear plugs, and having one’s head well submerged, in order to “heat treat” (heat shock?) one’s sinuses, with idea of giving the “newly incubating” virus a difficult time. Worthwhile DIY body hack? On a related point: for those lacking an infrared sauna at home, could taking a hot bath (or extended hot shower) raise the core body temperature *enough* to be helpful in some cases? Or too risky? Are there better methods available to neutralize the viral invasion, in its early stages, before it goes down into the lungs? Are the sinuses generally where the SARS-CoV-2 virus likes to initially start to replicate itself, or incubate, before moving on to other parts of the body? Next Question: 2) *IF* various do-it-yourself “Body Hacks” (home remedies, including using well known nutritional supplements – such as those you recommend) are not enough to help a particular person’s body to fight off COVID-19′, and then the patient reaches out to medical system for help, in desperation, might it be better for them to ask for treatment with high-dose vitamin C — in the intravenous (IV) form — rather than Hydroxychloroquine or Azithromycin? (questionable drugs, when used off label). Important related question: is IV Vitamin C treatment, used in formal medical setting, generally not available in U.S.A.? (That is, to regular non-celebrity type people) (or is it Expensive, and not covered by Medical Insurance?) ; 3) do you think that oral mega-dosing Vitamin C, at home, (and using inexpensive powder, for instance, with lots of water, .. OR a pricier “liposomal Vit. C” product), might be a good thing for many people to try? Especially if following certain safety protocols, and staying under certain limits? Maybe combining with Zinc or other nutritional supplements to help the C work better? ; 4) ingesting raw garlic (1 clove, with food), or echinacea w/ goldenseal liquid tincture, or taking Wild Oil of Oregano” orally, *when one first starts to feel unwell*. Perhaps even taking medicinal mushrooms (e.g., “Reishi”) capsules on a regular, ongoing basis. ~ Are any of these likely to be helpful? ; .. 5) Are certain methods of “nasal irrigation” (neti pot, for instance) beneficial for fighting SARS-CoV-2 virus? .. that is, in the early stages of the virus’ life cycle in a new host? (With the idea of potentially reducing “viral load”, if done within a day or two of initial exposure, while the virus is still trying to incubate, and hasn’t spread widely throughout the body yet), and .. 6) In order of importance, how important is sleep compared to the rest of these ideas / suggestions? And lastly,… 7) for people who can’t afford all the recommended supplements (and I realize they are ALL good ones) for immune system strengthening, In order of importance (approximately), .. which are the most crucially important, if one can’t get all of them? For instance, is “mega-dosing Vitamin C” near the top of a limited-means list? Keeping in mind that supplies for some nutritional supplements are presently either low, “out of stock”, or delayed, due to recent increase in demand by consumers.

  2. Thank you for commenting. In regard to submerging yourself in hot water while wearing ear plugs that is actually not necessary because just taking a hot bath in general will increase core body temp. The key here would be to slowly increase the temp by allowing the hot water to run in the bath and turning it up hotter as you sit in the bath while allowing it to drain slowly at the same time. Doing it this way will slowly increase your temp over 20 minutes or so. Use a 30 second digital oral thermometer to check your temp every 10 minutes or so. Once your temp reaches 99-100 degrees you have accomplished your goal. Go by how you feel and don’t overdo it because the last thing you want is to pass out in a bathtub full of hot water as you could drown!

    Most viruses do start in the nasal passages and I am completing an article now that talks about iodine/iodide saturation that may offer some protection. I should have it completed in a day or two.

    China used high dose vitamin C by IV with some promising results. I think it would be more of a prevention as once the virus has replicated it is much harder to stop. Prevention is key even though no one is supposedly immune according to a lot of scientists. Myself, I believe you can strengthen the innate immune system and the adaptive part of the immune system to the point the virus never replicates because your immune system is strong enough to destroy the virus in the early stages.

    I listed the protocol to strengthen the innate immune system and while other supplements such as oil of oregano, garlic, echinacea, mushrooms, are good, I cannot comment on their efficacy when it comes to strengthening the innate immune system. However, most all of them are anti-viral and surely can’t hurt. Oil of oregano is potent and must be used with caution.

    Nasal irrigation is okay once every other day or so if you were exposed or if you have congestion, but if you overdo it, you could flush the natural bacteria out of your sinuses and those bacteria are needed to fight invading pathogens. It’s a double edged sword so use caution if you try it.

    The only thing I recommend as of this writing is an infrared sauna because it has numerous benefits when it comes to improving heat shock protein activation in T-Cells among other health benefits. However, as I stated, it is possible to use a hot bath in place of the sauna in this particular case. Remember, the virus is very unstable when exposed to an increase of just 1 degree core temp. My theory would be to make the virus unstable and let your immune system go to work and heat does both. It activates your immune system and makes the virus unstable. of course you will have physicians disagree with this statement, but to me it’s common sense. Will it work? I’d say it’s worth a try and surely can’t hurt you if you are otherwise healthy and can tolerate the heat.

    If I had to choose between any of the supplements I would say Zinc, Camu Camu, and Astaxanthin are most important. However, if your D levels are below 50ng/mL then you should also include D3/K2.

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