Colon Cleansing Hydrotherapy and Healthy Juice Fasting Diets

No matter what your diet, colon cleansing can be of great benefit. However, if you eat junk food while doing the cleanse then all it will probably help with is eliminating what you eat during the colon cleansing, rather than eliminating the toxic residues that have built up over the years. Try your best to cut down on, or better yet, eliminate refined sugar during your colon cleansing.

Before starting a colon cleansing diet you should seek professional advice from a qualified herbal practitioner, and this is especially vital for someone with any type of eating disorder. Long term use of most colon cleansing products can be harmful so make sure you know what you are doing before getting started.

Did you know that your colon can contain up to 25 pounds of undigested food, slime, foul and putrefied fecal matter trapped in your intestinal tract? This is definitely not good. Can you imagine the amount of toxins all this “dead yuck” is doing to your health?

Do you suffer from acne, bad breath, bloating, belching, constipation, diarrhea, digestive problems, allergies, fatigue, hair loss, decreased energy, headache, heartburn, gas, indigestion, insomnia, low energy, low sex drive, poor sexual performance, poor memory, protruding gut, reduced resistance to infections, skin problems, weight gain, difficulty losing weight or trimming down your waistline?

If so, a good colon cleansing is waiting for you because chances are you suffer from “auto-intoxification” caused by a tremendous amount of undigested food and dead fecal matter trapped inside your intestinal tract along with a potentially damaged digestive system. Again, this is definitely not good for your health!

If during a bowel movement you have to push, rush, strain or wait, then without a doubt you more than likely got a colon problem.

How can you really tell if you would benefit from colon cleansing due to a build up of undigested food and deadly fecal matter trapped inside you? The answer is simple. If you don’t eliminate after every meal and/or between meals then chances are there is a problem. If you only have one or two bowel movements a week or every other day you could be in really big trouble. Your intestines are very likely blocked up and building up deadly toxins with each and every meal.

Millions of men and women suffer from disease, sickness and pain because we simply don't know this truth about our own health. Plain and simple our bodies are not properly eliminating poisons and environmental toxins. The colon's job is to hold waste before it is evacuated from the body and to reabsorb water from the waste. Years of eating a low-fiber diet, sedentary living, poor eating habits, and other lifestyle choices can definitely slow the digestive processes. If waste matter sits in the colon too long, toxins build up and are eventually absorbed back into the body. A toxic colon eventually leads to a toxic liver, which pollutes the tissues and the bloodstream, making a person very sick in time and prone to many diseases. Start a colon cleansing program today to avoid future problems.

Poisons from the colon can;

Go to the brain and disturb mental function
Go to the joints and cause pain and stiffness
Weaken and stress the heart
Go to the skin and cause blemishes, paleness, psoriasis, liver spots, wrinkles
Irritate the lungs and cause foul breath
Go to the muscles and cause weakness and terrible fatigue
Rob you of your youth and ruin your health

Reasons to start a colon cleansing program;

Controls your weight
Increases your energy level
Prevent constipation and disease of the colon
Eliminates waste such as fatty tissue, cholesterol, cellulite, toxins, mucus, hardened fecal matter, harmful drug residue
For the glow of health inside and out that shows with clear skin, bright eyes, and shiny hair

Colon Cleansing Tips;

During any type of colon cleansing program you should eat more fiber foods. All vegetables, fruits, and nuts are great. If possible juice fasting is the better route.

Do everything in your power to avoid non-fiber foods including red meat (meat does not contain any fiber), most restaurant dishes, pepperoni, bacon, sausage, hot dogs, (meat) hamburgers, pork, canned meats, sardines, bologna, meat extenders, all fast food, roman noodles to name a few.

Another thing a lot of people don’t do and that is exercise. Exercise is a must when following a colon cleansing program because it stimulates your bowels.

Water is a MUST. Eliminate any type of drinks that help to dehydrate the body such as soda, coffee and anything else that contains added sugars. Drink plain water and that’s all. If you want flavor add a fresh squeezed lemon.

Taking digestive enzymes is a great way to enhance nutrient absorption. As we age the amount of digestive enzymes we produce start to greatly diminish. We should all be taking digestive enzymes (with every meal) to ensure thorough digestion every time.

Over the years our bodies fill up with layer upon layer of undigested, putrefying waste matter. Start your colon cleansing program today and prevent future problems before it’s too late.

Colon hydrotherapy to Cleanse Quickly

One of the oldest known techniques in the history of human health and wellness is colon hydrotherapy. Today's modern hydrotherapy equipment provides safe, effective, and sterile instrumentation for this heatlh-enhancing technique that has gained much popularity. The colon hydrotherapy session is an extended and much more complete form of the basic enema. Using gentle infusion with pressure-controlled, purified water, the hydrotherapy session is designed to cleanse the colon from the rectum all the way to the cecum.

Colon hydrotherapy is a mild treatment, which has no equal as an internal cleansing process. It removes toxins and other burdens of putrefaction from the body, thereby assisting and supporting all other forms of natural treatment.

The colon hydrotherapy session begins with the client lying comfortably on one side, while the practitioner assists with the gentle insertion of a small disposable tube into the anus. Through this tube, purified water is slowly infused into the colon. Afterwards, the outflow of the water releases excess gas, mucus, feces, and infectious substances. Because the purified water flows into and out of the colon through the same tube, there is no mess or odor whatsoever. The pressure, temperature, and exit flow of the water is closely monitored by the practitioner, and the water pressure is safely regulated from .25 to 1.5 psi. Colon Hydrotherapy sessions are relaxing and soothing as well as extremely energizing, and the client is always discreetly covered to maintain personal dignity.

Why Colon Hydrotherapy

Poor colon hygiene causes waste material to move sluggishly and form a stagnant lining in the colon. This stagnant lining can remain in the colon for years cutting back elimination of waste so that the poisons remain in the blood stream. When a sufficient amount of protein and sugar are present, fermentation begins. Putrefaction and fermentation produce even more poisons from which the body must defend itself. This condition is aggravated if animal or dairy products, refined flour, sugar or alcohol have been habitually consumed. Under these conditions the immune system is considerably strained and over time the result is an environment that usually results in deadly disease.

The colon is the most important organ for maintaining good health!

What to Expect From a Colon Hydrotherapy Session

A colon therapist who is dedicated to your health, will encourage you to set a reasonable goal of having a well-functioning colon. Colon hydrotherapy can be used to stimulate the colon muscle so that the colon doesn't perform so sluggishly. With today's lifestyles of fast food restaurants and bad eating habits it is no wonder that millions of people have sluggish colons. After a good colon hydrotherapy session it may take days for bowel movements to return to normal. One good thing about a good colon hydrotherapy session is that it is worth up to 20 or so regular bowel movements, so it may take some time for fecal material to build up in the colon once again if one has a sluggish colon.

When the colon is sluggish and bowel movements do not return for a few days after one colon hydrotherapy session, it is an indication that extensive colon work is needed to remove the debris that the bowel has built up over the years. This build up of old fecal material has actually decreased the muscular action in the colon. However, once you complete a series of colon hydrotherapy sessions you can expect your colon to perform as mother nature intended. After a few sessions you will feel lighter, cleaner and healthier with a sense of an overall well-being. If you had bad eating habits to begin with dietary changes may be necessary to ensure long lasting results and vital health.

Steps to Colon Hydrotherapy

1. Exercises the Colon Muscles: The build up of toxic debris weakens the colon and impairs its functioning over time. The gentle filling and emptying of the colon improves muscular contraction activity by which the colon naturally moves material outward.

2. Cleanse the Colon: Toxic material is broken down so it can no longer harm your body or inhibit assimilation and elimination. Even debris built up over years is gently, but surely removed in the process of a series of colon hydrotherapy treatments. Once impacted material is removed, your colon can once again begin to cooperate as mother nature so intended.

3. Stimulates Reflex Points: Every system and organ of the body is connected to the colon by reflex points. Colon hydrotherapy stimulates these points, thereby affecting the corresponding body parts in a beneficial way.

4. Reshapes the Colon: When problematic conditions exist in the colon, they tend to alter its shape which over time causes more problems. The gentle action of the colon hydrotherapy session in combination with the massage techniques by the colon therapist will help to eliminate bulging pockets of waste and narrowed, spastic constrictions finally enabling the colon to resume its natural state.

Juice Fasting - A Great Way to Cleanse the Colon

Juice fasting makes every other natural method work faster: massage therapy works faster for fibromyalgia, acupuncture works faster for pain, energy healing is sped up, etc. Juice fasting is a multidimensional experience in which total body transformation occurs. There are a wide range of metabolic changes and experiences. The blood and lymph are detoxified. When juice fasting, the release of toxins from the colon, kidneys, bladder, lungs, sinuses, and skin clears out complications that have arisen from a bad diet and unhealthy lifestyle. The benefits of following a juice fast include heightened spiritual awareness and relaxation of the body, mind, and emotions. Many people feel a sense of letting go of pain from the past and developing a positive attitude towards the present. During juice fasting, the body is able to clean out its system because it is not expending energy towards the digestive organs.

Raw juices contain certain natural medicines, vegetal hormones and antibiotics. For instance, string beans are said to contain insulin-like substance. Certain hormones needed by the pancreas to produce insulin are present in cucumber and onion juices. Fresh juices of tomatoes, garlic, onions, and radish contain antibiotic properties.

Juice fasting fruits and vegetable juices may be divided into six main types. These are:

Juices from acid fruits like orange, lemon, grapefruit, strawberry and pineapple.

Juices from vegetable fruits, namely, tomato and cucumber.

Juices from green leafy vegetables like cabbage, celery, lettuce, spinach, parsley and watercress.

Juices from root vegetables like beetroot, carrot, onion, potato and radish. Generally speaking, fruit juices stir up toxins and acids in the body, thereby stimulating the eliminative processes. Vegetable juices, on the other hand, soothe the jaded nerves and work in a much milder manner. They carry away toxic matter in a gentle way. Owing to their differing actions fruit and vegetable juices should not be used at the same time or mixed together. It is desirable to use juices individually. In any case when juice fasting not more than three juices should be used in any one mixture.

Juices from sweet fruits such as prunes and grapes.

Juices from sub-acid fruits like apple, plum, pear, peach, apricot and cherry.

Juice fasting is also safer than water fasting because it supports the body nutritionally while cleansing and probably even produces a better detoxification and quicker recovery time.

While juice fasting the stomach actually shrinks to its original size (the size of your fist). After three days of just ingesting raw organic and fresh juices, broth and tea, you will lose all cravings for solid food. Your mind might tell you otherwise, but your body is very content. When you just drink your food, your stomach gets a physiological rest, allowing the colon to shed old compacted and putrefied material that was waiting there to cause future disease.

What exactly is juice fasting?

A juice fast is a liquid, nourishing diet consisting of just juice and water. Many natural healers have combined periods of fasting with certain supplements which help to speed up the benefits of the fast.

The favorable effect of raw juices in the treatment of disease is attributed to the following facts:

The juices extracted from raw fruits & vegetables require no digestion & almost all their vital nutrients are assimilated directly in the bloodstream.

Raw juices are extremely rich in alkaline elements. This is highly beneficial in normalizing acid alkaline balance in the blood & tissues as their is over acidity in most conditions of ill health.

Raw juices of fruits & vegetables are extremely rich in vitamins & minerals, trace elements, enzymes & natural sugars. They exercise beneficial effect in normalizing all the body functions. They supply needed elements for the body's own healing activity & cell regeneration thereby speeding the recovery.

Raw juices contain certain natural medicines, vegetal hormones & antibiotics. For instance, string beans are said to contain insulin like substance. Certain hormones needed by the pancreas to produce insulin are present in cucumber & onion juices. Fresh juices of garlic, onions, radish & tomatoes contain antibiotic substances.

Generous amounts of easily assimilable organic minerals in raw juices especially calcium, potassium & silicon help in restoring biochemical & mineral balance in the tissues & cells, thereby preventing premature aging of cells & disease.

Colon Cleansing Diet for Long Term Health and Vitality

If you are interested in following a cleansing diet there are many to choose from depending on your primary goals. The most popular ones will benefit the colon, liver, and blood stream, to name a few.

Most cleansing diet programs have one thing in common and that's eliminating all junk food. Most of them require eating raw foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits along with some extensive juice fasting.

Many people throughout the world have come to realize the benefits of adopting a raw food cleansing diet. This kind of lifestyle requires eating the majority of your food from uncooked fruits, nuts, grains, seeds, vegetables, and sprouts. A lot of people think this type of cleansing diet is too restrictive and limited but eating this way gives much variety of different foods to choose from, and the advantages are well worth the benefits. Most people will feel like they once did in their youth within weeks. In some cases men and women with diseases seem to be completely cured without the help of any medications.

A cleansing diet has many benefits with one being the foods you eat are living foods compared to dead foods. Living foods are loaded with live enzymes and many other nutrients, whereas with dead foods most of the enzymes and nutrients are destroyed during the cooking process. We still get the calories from the food but the cleansing and protective parts are now useless. A cleansing diet contains foods from sprouts, vegetables and low sugar fruits that are rich in vitamins and enzymes. The only problem with most fresh vegetables and fruits is that they have a short shelf life which means you must buy enough to last only a few days.

One of the major benefits of following a cleansing diet that consist of raw foods is that it tends to be more alkaline which is great for overall health. Some substances are acidic, like vinegar, and some are alkaline, like soap. The pH of your blood is slightly alkaline. When you eat a diet high in acid, your body must work to keep your blood pH constant or else you can get sick or even die. It is just as important as your body temperature. The good news is that vegetables, sprouts and some low sugar fruits all add to the alkalinity of your blood. A cleansing diet that consists of raw foods allows your body to naturally detoxify itself and keep you free of disease.

What to Eat on a Cleansing Diet

Fasting may also be involved when following a cleansing diet depending on the plan and your primary goals. You may consume a variety of juices, fruits, vegetables or certain types of grains while fasting. A cleansing diet plan will also include the use of specific products, which may be derived from herbs or other so-called "natural" ingredients, and have a laxative or diuretic effect. Use caution when using any herbs because they are not regulated by the FDA and some can be harmful or even fatal if used improperly.

The amount of time you are required to follow a cleansing diet will vary from program to program. Some cleansing diets offer a quick, two-day, weekend clean-out approach, while others are more gradual and can last for weeks to even months.

Choosing a Colon Cleansing Diet for Weight Loss

A popular way to lose weight, with the added promise of better health is through detoxification of the body. In some instances, detoxification has been said to relieve a range of everyday symptoms, including fatigue, constipation, bad breath, headaches, joint pain, and even anxiety. It is important to eliminate fats, red meats, caffeine, alcohol, dairy foods, food additives and preservatives. In some cases even wheat is excluded.

What to Expect from a Cleansing Diet

Some people experience a range of symptoms including headaches, stomach aches, constipation or diarrhea, and fatigue. If you drink caffeine such as coffee or soft drinks on a regular basis it may be wise to cut back slowly to help avoid some of the side effects from following a cleansing diet.

For ongoing health benefits, eating a high intake of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat protein is the basis of any healthy diet. Low-fat dairy foods or fortified soy products are essential in the diet for an adequate calcium intake. Alcohol, caffeine and even red meats can all be safely included in the diet in moderation.