Book a 30 minute phone consultation with fitness author and health coach, Johnnie D. Jackow Sr. for only $99. As a health coach with 30+ years of experience, Johnnie has dedicated the last 22 years of specialized training in integrative functional medicine. He will find the root cause of your health issues where conventional medicine physicians have fallen short.


Are you sick and tired of knowing something is wrong with your body, but physician after physician keeps telling you nothing is wrong?


Mr. Jackow has extensive training in hematology and human physiology and he will go far beyond what most conventional medicine physicians look at when it comes to achieving optimal health and wellness.


A wellness plan will be designed specifically for your unique situation. Mr. Jackow will explain your options and work with you 1 on 1 throughout your journey to optimal health.


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If you have an urgent situation and no immediate date/time slots are available, please contact us directly and explain your health concern as we may be able to book an earlier date/time that is not shown.