Total Body Fitness was founded in mid 1995 by 2 time Author and Fitness expert Johnnie D. Jackow Sr.. Johnnie personally helped hundreds of men and women get fit in the Houston, Texas area before taking his expertise to the internet in 1997. To date he has achieved a portfolio of successfully helping over 20,000 men and women from all across the world! When it comes to hands on experience, Johnnie definitely has it.

Johnnie is also a certified black belt holder in the martial arts, Korean Tae-Kwon-Do with over 37 years experience. He is a former police officer and worked in Texas on the highways at night from 1993 to 2000 while working days part time helping people achieve their fitness goals.

Over the years Total Body Fitness has been aired on many TV programs, has received honorable recognition with many news media stations, and many positive articles have been written about the personalized services that he offered.

Please feel free to browse our website to learn more information about how you can improve your health.

Johnnie is a certified personal trainer and health coach with extensive training in

Weight loss
Diet and Nutrition
Natural Supplementation

Johnnie has extensive training in the following areas

Functional Medicine
Integrative Medicine
Cardiovascular Function
Gut Function
Liver Function
Lymphatic System Function
Kidney Function
Hormonal Function
Mitochondrial Function
Immune Function
PEMF (Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy)
EWOT (Exercise with oxygen therapy)

Below is a short list of just some of the medical ailments Johnnie has helped men and women of all ages resolve.

Blood pressure problems
Cardiovascular disorders
Gut and digestive disorders
Fatty liver
High cholesterol
Hormonal deficiencies (low testosterone in males)
Estrogen dominance
Adrenal issues
Heavy metal toxicity
Chronic fatigue
Immune system disorders
Thyroid disorders

Most of the people who seek his help are referred by actual physicians! Why? Because he has vast experience in diet and nutrition compared to a conventional medicine physician, and instead of prescribing toxic pharmaceutical drugs that mask the problem, he finds the root cause and then makes recommendations on how to treat it. Also, Johnnie chose to not obtain his medical license because he did not want to be held hostage by the BIG pharmaceutical money pit and FDA. He can help people get well without having to follow a strict protocol outlined by the FDA and without fear of losing a medical license for helping someone get well by natural means.

Men and women who come to him have already been diagnosed with an illness by an MD, and he is known to reverse the illness through proper diet, exercise, spiritual cleansing by raising your vibrations, supplementation, and proper sleep.The human body is a complex machine and when given the right tools it can heal itself.

His all natural approach to healing the body is superior to many conventional treatment plans without dangerous side effects.

Johnnie's schedule is completely booked through December 2021. However, if you have just been diagnosed with a terminal illness, he may make an exception so you don't have to wait. Please send an email to To get on Johnnie's waiting list, please send an email to There is no charge for consultation.