About Us

Total Body Fitness was founded in mid 1995 by 2 time Author and Fitness expert Johnnie D. Jackow Sr.. Johnnie personally helped hundreds of men and women get fit in the Houston, Texas area before taking his expertise to the internet in 1997.

Johnnie is also a certified black belt holder in the martial arts, Korean Tae Kwon Do with over 37 years experience. He is a former police officer and worked in Texas on the highways at night from 1993 to 2000 while working days part time helping people achieve their fitness goals. Due to the tremendous success of Total Body Fitness, he eventually left law enforcement and worked full time with his clients starting in 2000.

It wasn't long after he left law enforcement before the word got out about his expertise in the fitness business and the results his clients obtained while following his unique 1 on 1 program. At that point he became one of the most sought after health and fitness experts across the globe and by 2007 he had a completely booked schedule taking on no new clients.

Over the years Total Body Fitness has been aired on many TV programs, has received honorable recognition with many news media stations, and many positive articles have been written about the personalized services that he offers.

Today, Johnnie takes pride in helping his clients achieve their health and fitness goals and he uses over two decades of experience to guide him along the way. His all natural approach and his belief that the human body is more than capable of healing itself when given the proper tools has set him apart from countless other professionals. His client list is very limited because he wants to give each one his very best service and he hand selects individuals that he feels can benefit the most using his guidance and expertise.

His client list is currently full. However, come January 3rd, 2018 he will be accepting 20 new applicants. If you are stricken with a disease, illness, or severely overweight, Johnnie wants to help you! Please send an inquiry to info@tbfinc.com and give a short description of your health issues along with your contact info and if chosen, Johnnie will personally contact you by email or phone to go over the details.