Total Body Fitness was founded in mid 1995 by 2 time Author and Fitness expert Johnnie D. Jackow Sr.. Johnnie personally helped hundreds of men and women get fit in the Houston, Texas area before taking his expertise to the internet in 1997.

Johnnie is also a certified black belt holder in the martial arts, Korean Tae-Kwon-Do with over 37 years experience. He is a former police officer and worked in Texas on the highways at night from 1993 to 2000 while working days part time helping people achieve their fitness goals. Due to the tremendous success of Total Body Fitness, he eventually left law enforcement to work full time with his clients starting in 2000.

It wasn't long after he left law enforcement before the word got out about his expertise in the fitness business and the results his clients achieved while following his unique 1 on 1 program. At that point he became one of the most sought after health and fitness experts across the globe and by 2007 he had a completely booked schedule taking on no new clients.

Over the years Total Body Fitness has been aired on many TV programs, has received honorable recognition with many news media stations, and many positive articles have been written about the personalized services that he offers.

Check out the video below from 1999 when Johnnie was on TV offering his services nationwide! Yes, those were the days and how times have changed!

Here we are 21 years later and Johnnie has much more experience with the human body after helping thousands of men and women achieve their health and fitness goals. Not to mention the thousands of hours of research and studies he has conducted along the way. One thing you can be sure of is Johnnie has the experience and he knows exactly what it takes to help you lose weight or even overcome most health issues that plague people today!

Johnnie is a certified personal trainer and health coach with extensive training in

Weight loss
Diet and Nutrition
Natural Supplementation

Johnnie specializes in the following areas

Functional Medicine
Integrative Medicine
Cardiovascular Function
Gut Function
Liver Function
Lymphatic System Function
Kidney Function
Hormonal Function
Mitochondrial Function
PEMF (Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy)
EWOT (Exercise with oxygen therapy)

Because of his extensive experience and training regarding the human body, Johnnie has helped thousands of clients over the last two decades improve their health. Below is a short list of just some of the medical ailments Johnnie has helped his clients resolve.

Blood pressure problems
Cardiovascular disorders
Gut and digestive disorders
Fatty liver
High cholesterol
Hormonal deficiencies
Adrenal issues
Chronic fatigue
Immune system disorders
Thyroid disorders

His diagnosis methods and all natural approach to healing the body is superior to many conventional treatment plans without dangerous side effects.

Johnnie's online schedule is currently booked through 2019. However, if you live in the Houston metropolitan area, Johnnie will be accepting 10 new clients to personally work with starting in February 2020.

Please email explaining your fitness goals and health needs if you would like to be considered to work with Johnnie 1 on 1. Monthly rates will vary depending on current health status, goals, etc. so each person is different.

A quote will be given after the free initial consultation.

If you would like to be 1 of the 250 attendees at his 2 hour seminars coming this summer 2019 to the following cities, please click on the city below to reserve your spot! Hurry as seating is limited to 250 attendees!

Houston, Texas - Booked
Dallas, Texas - Booked
Austin, Texas - Booked
Miami, Florida - Booked
Los Angeles, California - Pending dates
New York, NY - Pending dates