Total Body Fitness 1 on 1 Weight Loss Programs

Total Body Fitness was founded in mid 1995 by 2 time Author and Fitness expert Johnnie D. Jackow Sr.. Johnnie personally trained hundreds of men and women in the Houston, Texas area before taking his expertise to the internet in 1997. By 1999 he was one of the most sought after online personal trainers across the globe and by 2007 he had a completely booked schedule taking on no new clients.

Total Body Fitness has been aired on many TV programs, has received honorable recognition with many news media stations, and many positive articles have been written about the personalized services that he offers. Total Body Fitness has also received many awards and at one time was a TOP 10 RANKED program in the United States, but because Johnnie's schedule remained booked over the last 10 years he lost the ratings.

However, he is now combining technology and the years of expertise he has with helping people by coming up with a strategy that will allow him to help thousands of men and women on a monthly basis without sacrificing his unique support methods that he used with all his clients. Since Johnnie has been online for 20 years, he has designed thousands of programs and over those years he has compiled a database that contains every imaginable fitness program for men and women of all ages ranging from beginners to advanced to people with every medical ailment you can think of. What's great about this is the computer database he has designed can decipher which programs worked the best based on the thousands of testimonies he has received over the years. Except now, instead of catering to a limited number of people every month, he can now open up his services to the public by allowing access to this one of a kind database. With Johnnie's guidance and specific instructions you will have access to a program that has been proven to work on a countless number of people with your same specific goals. Johnnie couldn't do this starting out because so many people were different and all had their own unique medical ailments, etc. However, after 20 years in the making he can now help anyone no matter what their health and fitness goals may be and he can do it in a fraction of the time.

Johnnie D. Jackow Sr.
Author/Fitness Expert/CEO - Total Body Fitness


Korean Martial Arts since 1980
World Tae Kwon Do Federation - 1st Dan Black Belt
Certified Instructor

Weight loss specialist since 1996

  • Physiology/Exercise

  • Kinesiology

  • Diet

  • Nutrition

  • Certified Personal Trainer


Way back in 1997 when doing TV infomercials Johnnie D. Jackow Sr. with his son and wife in 2012


1996: The new way to calculate your target heart rate for optimal fat loss.
1996: How to combine 5 special techniques for optimal fat loss.

Unique - 1998

First fitness expert to personally train clients by issuing them their own personalized web page that contains a personalized program designed to fit their needs and lifestyle directly over the internet.

Clients Include

Professional Fitness Models, Pageant Models, Fitness Competitors, Professional Dancers, Professional Cheerleaders, Nurses, Physicians, and mostly thousands of men and women who wanted to lose weight, improve their level of fitness and improve their health in the process.

Overall Client Experience

Since 1997 Johnnie has personally designed over 50,000 online programs for men and women of all ages and backgrounds.

Success Rate

According to 2016 statistics 98% of Johnnie's clients reached their goals using his personalized program.


"1 on 1" Released in 1998
"The Alternative to Personal Training" Released in digital format in 2000


Weight Loss, Diets, Health and Wellness, Alternative Medicine

Current Project

At 52 years of age and after obtaining nearly 30 years of experience in the fitness industry, Johnnie is currently working on a new book with a cardiologist and a bio-identical hormone doctor. He will also be holding seminars with other professionals coming this summer 2017 throughout the United States. Stay tuned for his schedule release this June!