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Natural weight loss is up to you and only you. There is a common trait in every single client I have consulted to who has achieved exceptional results and it is that they take 100% responsibility for their actions. They donít blame genetics, they donít complain that they have no time, or that exercise is too hard, or that there are too many fast food ads on TV. 100% responsibility means 100% control. As soon as you blame something outside of yourself (ie your external environment) you instantly give yourself an excuse to fail. By focusing on what you want and knowing that you have 100% control over your outcome, you give yourself a much greater chance of success when if comes to natural weight loss. By taking control, and feeling passionate and excited about your goals, you really canít go wrong. Again, these are internal factors that need to be addressed to guarantee the best natural weight loss results.

Effective natural weight loss doesnít mean you have to join a gym or hire a personal trainer. If you really donít like going to a gym for whatever reason, then chances are the slightest possibility of an excuse not to go will be all you need to give it a miss. Most health clubs in the world make up to 80% of their revenue from members who never attend beyond the first two weeks. In order to succeed at natural weight loss the key is to pursue the things you love to do. For some people it is horse riding, others it is yoga. It really doesnít matter what it is as long as it has an element of physical demand that lasts longer than 30 minutes 3 or more times per week, and is accessible and within your monetary means.

Even better, combine a few different exercises that involve all major muscle groups. Here is a list of some different activities to help get you started on an all natural weight loss program: boxing, frisbee, pilates, circuits, swimming, orienteering, surfing, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, rowing, power-walking, skipping, salsa dancing, belly dancing, gumboot throwing, hoola-hooping, trampolining, or golfing. Be prepared to spend some time and money in pursuit of these activities, and you will be blown away by how easily natural weight loss will occur over time.

This is sure fire way to enter into the yo-yo effect of natural weight loss and weight gain. The health and fitness industry is littered with literally thousands of gimmicks that promise massive weight loss in only a few days or weeks. These gimmicks do not work and many of them are simply unsafe. If you think about how long it takes to become overweight or obese you will notice that it is a very gradual process. Putting your body through extreme measures to lose this weight is incredibly dangerous. What I am talking about here is basically any form of diet that dramatically limits certain types of food intake (be especially careful of the ones promoting high fat intake), or home machines that promise you will have a six pack in 2 weeks (you know, the very same equipment that slides conveniently under your bed for the rest of eternity). Remember, the best way to ensure long term, safe and effective natural weight loss is to address your internal thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors. Starting any natural weight loss program is an ongoing process, not an instantaneous, miracle cure. Create a positive and active lifestyle and within a few months you will be happy with the results..

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