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The Hormone "Insulin" - Does it Prevent Fat Loss?

Insulin plays a major role in weight gain, and even keeps us from losing weight. Insulin is responsible for the storage of all the foods we eat: carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. However, high glycemic carbohydrates cause blood sugars to rise very rapidly, therefore causing the pancreas to release insulin very rapidly. In some people the body overcompensates and releases too much. The insulin will store these carbohydrates/sugars very quickly. The good side is you get a quick burst of energy; the bad side is most of what is eaten will be stored as fat. Since the blood sugars rose very rapidly, the insulin will try to bring the blood sugars within normal ranges very rapidly, causing the sugars to be pushed by the insulin into every cell, including fat cells. On the other hand, if you eat low-to-moderate glycemic carbohydrates, blood sugars rise more slowly; therefore so does insulin. When this happens more of what you ate is pushed into your body's cells to be used for energy, and whatever is left over will be stored in fat cells. Our weight loss programs will show you exactly how to control insulin and blood sugar levels so optimal weight loss results will be achieved. 

What Else?

Insulin activates lipoprotein lipase. This enzyme acts as a roadblock for the removal of triglycerides (fat) out of the fat cells. Insulin also inhibits another enzyme called hormone sensitive lipase. This enzyme is responsible for the breaking down of stored fats, on your waist so to speak. During exercise if insulin levels are high, your body will use more energy from carbohydrates/sugars than from fat. Now you can see why most people see very little or no results in weight reduction, even though they exercise. The key is to control your insulin and blood sugars levels and our programs will show you how.

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